vascular bloke

The artist

An ode to the Campiones

There was movement at the Oval

For the word had got around

That the Rangers were a stirring

About to take the ground.

Their mighty skills a soaring

Their boots polished anew

Heading again for glory

The people’s team in Blue.

The opposition wary

Prepared to wilt and die

Before the mighty Campiones

They lost the will to try.

And so it came to pass

The legends grew and grew

To be amongst these lads

To be one of the few.

6 months

Been 6 months. A patient reminded me today. Interesting to get their perspective. I take a phone call. I get distressed. I cried. They think I cut the consultation short and have to suddenly leave.

Then I read for him word for word my letter to their GP explaining rationally the history, the ultrasound findings and the plan. All very sensible and coherent for the situation.

But it struck me.. He was more concerned 6 months later with my well being on that day. He was showing me empathy. It nearly made me cry again.

People are strange and wonderful. Selfish and caring.

Tiny Tim

Our family had modest holiday ambitions when I was a child. It usually involved getting in our General Motors Holden white sedan with the sticky plastic seats, winding the windows down and heading to the small country towns of NSW and Victoria.

A favourite destination was the Blue Mountains. Still a major tourist mecca and a region I would recommend to all of my traveller friends when they come visit me in Australia. It’s just a couple of hours from Sydney by road now but in my childhood days it was a major trek up a winding mountain road.

I saw my first snow up there and rode my first horse. They used to have a horse stable and hire right in the middle of Katoomba up near the train station.

I liked the look of Tiny Tim and distinctly remember requesting him on a second trip up to the mountains. I wonder if he remembered me?

What they want

They want your lips and mind and dreamy eyes and romantic thoughts and your dancing thighs. Your sadness and your sentiment. Your hope and your regret.

They want all of you.

What do I want most in the world?

I was asked this and thought it a very good question.

I think I’d settle for a walk on a bright sunny morning with a vista of steaming grass in fields stretching to faraway rolling hills.

A walk with a nice person I was passionate for.

That would do quite nicely.

The annoying Jesus of Oxford

Jesus was so annoying. Every Tuesday I would slug up the hill in Oxford. I’d have been on call already for at least 24 hours and often the last 72. I was eating shit and greying rapidly. Still I pushed that bike up the hill to the Churchill Hospital where I would be able to gorge on a feast of English patients with their horrid gall bladders, pouting hernias and varicose veins.

In to theatres, sipping on a Coke and slapping down a Mars Bar. Sitting eagerly watching the first of the snow fall whilst the locals sighed.

But then there was Jesus. Possibly one of the most annoying people I can remember in life. His role did not exist in Australia. He was not a nurse, not a doctor but he seemed to know too much and too little about anaesthetic machines. He had a way of imposing himself on the flow of the day. His loud Spanish accent reminding me of Manuel of Fawlty Towers on steroids.

By the end of the day Jesus had worn me down. I rode my bike back to my little house and my gorgeous baby girl. Got the video camera out and recorded her impressive eating or smiling skills.

A little longer than a tweet

Sometimes, too great a body of words can put people off in this media. People don’t have the energy to put aside 3 minutes to read something when they can go on to ‘heart’ 50 glossy photos that have been reblogged hundreds of times or a bunch of tweets probably hardly read.

So, I’m keeping this brief and pointed. Although a little longer than a tweet.

The best kiss I ever had

Obviously is yet to come..

I mean I don’t think my kissing career is over. I don’t think I’m past my best kiss use by date.

I mean I’ve had some fabulous kisses with some unbelievably amazing people and those memories are amongst the best memories I have in life.

A kiss. An expression of affection, a way to turn the mind into a lascivious muddle of desire and oneness.

Ocean kisses are perhaps the best. The song of the sea hinting at some vast universal plan. As if this union was meant to be. Losing yourself as the salt spray kisses the air off the rocks on the shore.

Ah, I look forward to that best kiss ever.

Back to work. Endoluminal graft for Aortic Aneurysm.